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      I grew up in the corrupted streets of Bossier City, La., "across the water" from Shreveport.  I uncovered my passion for music when I was only 13 years old and already in inpatient rehab. I remember we had to do a skit about a commercial, a comedy, or a song. I loved music and thought I'd  write a rap and realized I was really good at this. From that point on I was involved in choir and song writing from 7th grade until I graduated, with TOPS and in Who's Who Of American High School Students for Academic Achievement and Choir.  I was still able to maintain this goal of graduating with high credintials even though I got expelled from school every year from 8th grade until 12th for everything ranging from smoking in the bathroom, selling weed at school, and even expelled from alternative school in 11th grade for selling cocaine at school. 

       The next year, I had just got back to my home school, Airline High, my senior year, glad to see my friends again, and was smoking a cigarette in the parking lot. I was sent to GASP, aka in school suspension. They actually pulled me out and said, "Ask your mom if it is OK for you to get your Diploma early before you get expelled again." I said "So, I can go home right now with my Diploma?" They replied, "It will be in the mail." MAMA!!! COME PICK ME UP!! I GRADUATED! From then on it was a down hill spiral. Addiction got worse, charges got serious, fines got more expensive, time got longer. This is just my juvenile record... I always write about my life, my personal experiences, how I got my charges, and how God brought me through it. I Live Life In Song

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Embrace Your Passion


     Today I try to perform any chance I can. The high is like a drug I've never had, but this one don't have a tolerance. It only get's better instead of worse. The more people, the higher I get. The louder the applause, the more chills. 

      I enrolled at Los Angeles Film School for Business Entertainment. I simply love entertaining, it's not just music. I figured I'd learn as much as I could, until I realized $40,000 in student loans mama,is going to be impossible when you can't even make a payment on the first $10,000. I thought I better put this on hold for a while. I hate it! I want that Degree but more than that, I NEED the knowledge. 

      It's a spiritual battle and I stand for the positive, which makes me a target for the negative and I'm not afraid. Dangerous place in the music industry... Ephesians 6:12 "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world's darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." What am I getting into? This is real, and this would normally be very scary... at first it was. But, I got used to it. The fear of the Unknown, the battle of good and evil, and the struggle of life as an addict. I recently realized I was being prepared. I was being beat down so I could withstand it later and know how to defeat my enemy. Now I realize it was training. I went to prison for 2 years and only 2 weeks after getting incarcerated I was called out of my cell and I thought, "ALRIGHT! They're finally going to let me use the phone to check on my mom," she was very sick when I got arrested. I was met by the chaplain, only to tell me my mother had passed away. When I got back to my cell all my commissary was gone. My mom had just put $100 on my books, knowing it would be the last time. She was ready... I wasn't. Phillipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength." I haven't had faith in years at this point in my life. I thought God abandoned  me. But... when most people would get mad and give up on God, I picked up my bible and I cried out to the lord. "And I cried.... And I cried... And I cried... It's motivation for the skills that I never got to apply. Honestly I never even tried. Heaven got an Angel and I know you watchin, I know you got me, and something say that you up there plottin. So say a prayer for me, that I make it out of this pit.. And on my MAMA, I'll NEVER FORGET." Make sure you check that track out by the way called "Never Forget". I produce all my songs in my home studio with a simple USB mic and a free recording program I downloaded off the internet. I got good at editing my own sound over time. Where theres a will, theres a way. But, I can only imagine the magic that would happen if I had a REAL producer in a REAL studio.  I love collaborating with other artists. It gives me energy and I refuse to get shown out. The better their verse, the harder I try. I love feeding off each other in the studio. It always comes out great. 

       This is just a little insight to Colby King. You got to buy the album to hear the good stuff! 

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      May 2012, 30 days sober, first day out of rehab, first day in a half way house.... I'm online... finally got internet again. I was just browsing and came across Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes... "Submit your song now for a city near you or submit for the Main Event in Miami, Fl." Hmmm.. I had never seen the ocean... I always wanted to go to Florida.. Looks like im going for the BIG SHABANG. I submitted my song for Coast 2 Coast Convention MAIN EVENT. Not long after, I recieved an email. "YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO PERFORM AT COAST 2 COAST MAIN EVENT IN MIAMI,FL."

       I couldn't believe it! "WE GOIN TO MIAMI!!! My investor bought me 10 plane tickets and 7 extra passes... It came with 3. I get off the plane, shades on, hat back, feelin myself. There was people from all over the world competing. Thejudages  he judges were Dre McKenzie (G DJ Nina 9 from XM Radio, Jack Thriller (G Unit), Akio (Shadyville Dj's)s, OG Ron C (Swishahouse),Unit A&R), and Platinum Grammy Award inning Producer Rockwilder.,W Unit A&R),  Long story short.... I WON COAST 2 COAST CONVENTION!!! They announced the winner on a YACHT! All I could do was drop my head and cover my face. I was that humbled. I was speechless. I ran to the top of the Yacht, lifted my hands and yelled over the Atlantic Ocean! "THANK YOU GOD!" Barely 6 months sober and my dreams are coming true! I slowly put my glasses back on and walked with my head held high back to the yacht party. Cameras flashing in my face, people yelling in my ear, mics held to my mouth. I made it! So i thought.... My manager went to jail for embezzlement and my funds stopped. Not long after, I met a girl and damn she was fine! I left the half way house I was in and moved in with her. In no time I relapsed. The next 5 years I would be trapped in my addiction. I guess everything happens for a reason. This time it took me to the pits of hell. I needed to go through it. I said im a spiritual rapper, not a Christian rapper, though I am a Christian. I can't be a spiritual rapper when I don't know the adversary as well. I'm a realist, I talk about what people can relate to. Sorry, I never had a lambo and most of us never had a lambo so I can't relate. But I know the struggle, I know addiction, I know the pain, and the love that can only be given from God. I also know the devil and his power as well. Never underestimate the fallen angels (demons). Theres a lot of them. I named my first album "From Hell To Heaven", I only thought I had been through it. I had no idea! I feel like God brought me through it to tell others not only the tricks of the devil, but more importantly, the Grace of God. It's good to be back. - Colby King

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